My debut novel Waking will be released in ebook on 14th September 2017, and available in paperback on 12th October. It is being published by Accent Press.

You can pre-order Waking now here.

Waking takes the tight, plot-driven energy of a thriller, and uses it to fuel a contemporary literary love story. The central inspiration for Waking, is that strange full-body sense of recognition and tesselation that consumes you when you fall in love with somebody and they fall in love with you. It is a sensation that is utterly real and tangible when it strikes, but is made entirely of air. Waking pushes the real – or unreal – sensations of falling in love, the chemicals of it, the illusion of it, whether it is head or body, whether it is a separate thing inside each of you or something shared in the ether in between.

Waking orbits that feeling, and takes it somewhere concrete, somewhere dark.

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There are dark corners in your mind that even you can’t get to. 

Anna Caldwell is terrified of falling asleep. A nightmare, her very own, will be there waiting for her. After sharing her bed with the same vision for fifteen years, she’s desperate to shake it. But it only holds on tighter.

Then Anna meets Jack. She’s drawn to the strange, alluring tension that she feels when she’s around him. It’s as though it’s meant to be. But creeping beneath the roots of their intimacy is darkness.

If you knew your dreams were trying to tell you something terrible, would you listen?

Waking is a dark and addictive read that will stay with you long after the final page.


Author, Phoebe Morgan has said:

Beautifully-written, cleverly-plotted, and with a creeping sense of darkness, ‘Waking’ will stay with you long after you turn off the lights at night…


My lovely editor Rebecca Lloyd has said:

‘Waking’ was one of those books that grabbed me from the start and wouldn’t let me go…I knew straight away that Helen’s was a remarkable and exciting new voice. Mixing haunting suspense and romance, vividly atmospheric, ‘Waking’ is going to be one of the big hits of 2017.

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